Mariners’ Museum Aquires Underwater Prints

The Mariners’ Museum of Newport News, Virginia, recently acquired a portfolio of work titled the “Marine Portfolio.”  This portfolio was curated by Jeanne Adams and contains a selection of black and white underwater photography, along with several ocean surface images.  The portfolio contains 8 of my underwater prints, along with work from  Scott Campbell, Martha Casanave, Chuck Davis, Wayne Levin, Will Giles, Art Haseltine, Ryuijie and Camille Lenore.  This is a wonderful selection of images depicting the emotional, abstract, and subtle aspects of the ocean, masterfully sequenced.  This work will be shown at the Mariners’ Museum in the fall of 2015…stay tuned for more details.  The museum is known as “America’s National Maritime Museum,” and contains an amazing collection of art and photography related to the sea.  It also houses the USS Monitor Center.  Check it out: