CPA Fine Art Print Program

I am honored to be the latest featured photographer in the Center for Photographic Art’s Fine Art Print Program. Above is an original limited edition toned gelatin silver (darkroom) print. I made the image when diving in the Southeast of Baja, Mexico, while looking up at the rocky reef, full of life. You can support the CPA by collecting this print for a very good price. Click the image for more information on the print and the CPA.

“Oceana: Deep Reverence” Exhibit Opens

The Center for Photographic Art has curated an exhibit at the Pacific Grove Art Center, titled Oceana: Deep Reverence. 12 of my underwater images are on the wall along with work from 5 other talented photographers. You will enjoy an entire room of the Ocean in both quiet and thrilling form. Two of my prints are early work, large, and very experimental. The show is entirely black and white, mostly underwater prints of a variety of styles and mediums. It is open January 6- Feb 23 at PGAC, 568 Lighthouse Avenue. Please note that the Art Center is on the 2nd floor and requires climbing stairs. Click the image to learn more about the show.

My print Whale Shark and Swimmer on right, unique toned silver print

Tor House Photo Essay in Dark Mountain Project

I am happy to present my photos in collaboration with Dark Mountain writer/editor Neale Inglenook. This essay is published in the latest edition of the Dark Mountain Project journal, Issue 22: ARK. The theme is Ark:  its pages hold a cargo of another sort: an assemblage of stories gathered from the wreckage left by a flood that has already come, art and writing that reveal the beauty, resilience and strength found in being fully alive in a troubled time. The essay by Neale is from his residency at Robinson Jeffers’ Tor House in Carmel, California, accompanied by my black and white images from Tor. Check it out, this is a rich story and a beautiful journal!

“Vital Waters” Exhibit at Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

Vital Waters is an important photography exhibit “to manifest the Earth’s splendor.” Curated by Jeanne Falk Adams, this show expresses the many forms of water on our planet. I am happy to be part of this exciting exhibit, expressing the element of water under the surface. All black and white images, it includes work by Ansel Adams, Ernest Brooks II, Dorothy Kerper Monnolly, and several other Monterey area b/w underwater photographers whom I deeply respect. Opened in June 2021 at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, Colorado, the show will continue through January 2022. Click on image for more info.

Interview in Black and White Photography Magazine UK

I was interviewed by Susan Burnstine, one of my favorite photographers, for the UK’s Black and White Photography Magazine, issue 254. I’m grateful for this opportunity to share my images, practices and ideas. The issue is out now both digitally and on paper. Click the image for the link.

“Present Tense” Opens in Carmel

The Salon Jane exhibition is on the wall at the Center for Photographic Art. In-person viewing is open on weekends through April 4th. My work hangs on one panel, and provides an imaginary timeline of the Earth, from primordial scenes to our Ocean birth to our time exploring land. Check out the other five talented artists too. Most of our work was created during the Pandemic.

Exhibit at Center for Photographic Art

From February 27 – April 3, 2021, I will be showing my newest work at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, California, with fellow artists from Salon Jane. The fourteen Lith gelatin silver prints are a continuation of images for my series In the Liminal which originated in 2017. I made most of this work in my darkroom during the shutdown and it provides an updated perspective of Deep Time and the feeling of being human on Earth. See the CPA website for information on the Feb 27 online opening and in-person visits.

Silvergrain Classics Magazine Feature

I’m happy to announce that Silvergrain Classics Magazine edition #9 features my work and a story I authored about my photographic growth. The Magazine is a wonderful collection of stories and images from analog photography artists, equipment write-ups, how-to’s, and more. An international publication based in Germany, the printing and paper are very high quality, appealing to artists and collectors. The past 3 issues have featured Monterey-based underwater photographers and local legends. For a copy of edition #9, out Winter 2020/21, click here. To learn more about Silvergrain Classics, click the photo.

Uncertain Times

On March 6, 2020, I opened an exhibit with the artists of Salon Jane at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies of Monterey. The show was short-lived as the campus was closed the next week due to the Covid shutdown. In the time that has passed since then, I have been creating new work and organizing a few shows for 2021. The new work came fast and furious, as I felt into what seemed to me like “vertical time,” a feeling of being in a suspended place, like time didn’t exist. The added uncertainty of our future as humans on Earth became more intense and real. I printed from my cache of negatives, both underwater and above. It was a very rich experience and the images that emerged helped me to focus even deeper on my ongoing series In the Liminal, which can be viewed online.

Photo Essay in Dark Mountain Project

I am happy to present a photo essay in collaboration with Dark Mountain writer/editor Neale Inglenook. This essay is published in the online edition of the DM Journal. The theme is emergence, a following of three stories in poetic form. My new work is featured as a kind of birth story from watery origins, from the ocean and the womb.